Local Area Manager, Tutor and Teaching Assistant roles available

Join MAMA.codes as a freelance Tutor leading classes or as a TA looking for less responsibility and commitment

Our tutors work in locations across London and the Home counties in schools and with families. You need to have real practical experience and/or a qualification teaching or managing groups of young children, as well as in the delivery of a class and/or a curriculum.

Teaching assistant

Wth no promotional work or class organisation required, you just let us know which classes you can assist with and get paid an hourly rate. Just turn up and help out!

Freelance Tutors

MAMA.codes is looking for Freelance Tutors to help meet significant demand for classes and private tutoring. 

Our freelance Tutors however will work in agreed locations across London and the Home counties. They need to have real practical experience and/or a qualification teaching or managing groups of young children, as well as in the delivery of a class and/or a curriculum.
To meet the huge parental demand we have, freelance tutors will teach the classes and home tutoring sessions that local Reps can’t teach personally. These will take place in community code clubs, at school venues and in host families’ homes. We are looking for tutors who are not after any responsibility and long-term commitment - but instead are happy to be trained to teach pre-supplied materials at pre-arranged code clubs and home tutoring sessions for between £18-£25/hr for a 45-min class, depending on experience.

We take zero commission from you - we believe your experience as a teacher or tutor means  you should keep the full value of your work. We are looking for applicants who are:
-        Passionate about teaching
-        Punctual
-        Organised
-        Reliable
-        Conscientious….and of course love children!

Teaching Assistants

We are expanding across London and then nationwide, and are seeking highly motivated and reliable individuals to train up as MAMA.codes teaching assistants in their local area. We are recruiting in London and Home Counties at present and will expand nationwide this year.

The role is part time, based in your local area, and you will be working as a self-employed contractor to MAMA.codes Ltd - working mutually agreed hours month to month to support class leaders.
We provide all necessary training and teaching materials, and you will be working with a class leader who will brief you on the teaching materials for each session and bring the required resources along.

You will work with young children in a rewarding and positive environment, while learning and passing on 21st century career skills. The initial hourly rate of pay is £10/h for teaching assistant roles, with higher rates of pay available as you gain experience. Significantly higher rates of pay available with further training to become a Tutor.

MAMA.codes is committed to being an equal opportunities employer and positively welcomes flexible working arrangements.

Teach kids aged 3-8 how to code

Join our family and learn an essential 21st Century skill!

Flexible Working
Work at days and times that suit you, while getting equipped with a future life  skill.

No coding skills required

Our curriculum is uniquely designed for pre-reading children, so tech experience is not required - our children are taught through jokes, storytelling and songs! We only need you to bring confidence, proactivity and a willingness to learn.

Teach between 2 - 5 classes a week

You will select the combination of sessions that suit your timetable from a “menu” of tried and tested formats. Ranging from  after-school clubs, to home tutoring or mornings with under-5s, you will be in full control.

If you'd like to find out more fill in the contact form below.

Next training sessions:
Thursday 10th January 2019
Friday 8th February 2019
Tuesday 12th March 2019

We hold regular training sessions at a variety of central London locations, sign-up and we'll keep you informed.

Being part of MAMA.codes isn't just a job!
We're passionate about building literacy in skills of the future and we have a lot of fun in the process.
Welcome to MAMA.codes

Who are MAMA.coders?

We're passionate about 
building literacy in skills of the
future in a fun secure environment

MAMA.codes values

We're an inclusive business, enriching,
safe, simple and above all fun. Our entire family
 embodies these values

Why Coding for Kids - especially so young?

Our curriculum doesn't require
reading or writing skills. We teach coding 
as a language at the age kids are most receptive: under 8

Getting started

What is the total time commitment required from me?

Our Tutors and TAs work on a freelance basis, so they control the number of hours they are available to work.

What is the process after I enter my details?

There is no commitment (and we won’t spam you!). We will supply you with information on the roles, and if you choose to apply we will have a chat and invite you to shadow 2 classes then attend one of our training days.

How flexible is ‘flexible’?
How much control would I actually have?

We offer a range of classes - different types for different times in the school day, weekends and school holidays. This broad choice means you design the model that works for you. One of our core principles is that you decide what works best for you, and we help you be as successful as you want to be.

The MAMA.codes Opportunity

How will you support me?

We have a dedicated team that works with you from the moment you decide to join our family of Reps. You will have a Rep Manager, who will guide you in setting up your local business - from agreeing what classes you choose to deliver and when, assistance with marketing to raise awareness, and a vibrant Rep community that is a great source of community and honest dialogue.

How many Reps do you have live now?

We began actively recruiting late last year, and as of November 2018 we have 13 live, with many more in the pipeline!

Do I have to pay anything?

Once you decide you are keen to set up your very own business with us, the only upfront fees are for your MAMA.codes Licence (£500 for Reps / £75 for Tutors) and your public liability insurance (~£60 per year).

Is the monthly target achievable? What happens when I start building my business?

We are in a partnership with our Reps. It is important to us that you are given every chance to be successful, and have time to learn how to deliver our curriculum to the standard we require. You will have the opportunity to find your feet over 3 months; however within the first 6 weeks we will have empowered you to run classes with confidence.